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Required documentation, used under the procedures of the Integrated Technical Support Strategy for Local Development PIT Matese, With PAI-Cresco, PAI Cratere.

  • Legal process;
  • Monitoring board;
  • Templates for expense reporting: compilation Stamp; Manual reporting; Demand delivery model; Reporting tab to request delivery; balance demand model; Receipt spending Certification;
  • Note the reporting methodology, with its annexes;
  • Handbook for the correct implementation of ERDF funding (PAI Cratere);
  • implementation guidelines of the new procurement code;


Please note that the above documentation can also find it on the website of the ROP ERDF Molise (, within which the explanatory instructions on the application of disciplinary and subsequent clarifications to the specific requests have been published (FAQ)

PAI Cratere “Sostenibilit@ccoglienza” – link Regione Molise

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