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manife past ottobre As part of the actions provided for by the Interreg P.A.S.T.4Future program,,it,will be held from Monday,,it,October al,,it,October July,,it,- c / o Social Incubator - Campobasso,,it,the second Steering Committee Meeting,,it,with the project partnership,,it,P.A.S.T.4Future_Project_2nd Steering Committee Meeting_Agenda_29,,en,_draft,,en, si terrà da lunedì 29 ottobre al 31 ottobre luglio 2018, in Campobasso, presso la sede operativa, in via Monsignor Bologna 15/17 – c/o Incubatore Sociale – Campobasso, il secondo Steering Committee Meeting, con il partenariato del progetto.

P.A.S.T.4Future_Project_2nd Steering Committee Meeting_Agenda_29 30 31.10.2018_draft


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