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Erasmus Bacchus we

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Erasmus Bacchus we

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Erasmus Bacchus we



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Erasmus Bacchus we

Erasmus project ” BACCHUS” in the days of 2 and 3 febbraio 2017 He was held in Campobasso on the Gal meeting, with Spanish partners, France, Portugal, Bulgaria, Austria


Erasmus Bacchus we

Nei giorni 2-3 and 4 November 2016 si è tenuto a Forcalquier (Provenza- France) l’evento di inizio del progetto Erasmus “BACCHUS”. Con partners di Francia, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Bulgaria, svilupperemo strategie comuni destinate a imprese interessate al turismo legato al vino (modelli organizzativi, formazione ecc.). Un progetto interessante con partners molto qualificati ed esperti a cui non mancherà il contributo del Molise.

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13700160_1048065261914292_1790098812593675368_nBACCHUS EMS is the new project funded by the Agency ERASMUS France who participates our Gal. Bacchus will handle tourism related to wine and will develop diagnostic tools useful to support the industry and an innovative training course to improve the occupational skills of farmers and staff of undertakings. The result will result in the improvement of tourism services offered by the participating wineries. Inoltre boxHUS activate actions to raise awareness among stakeholders and local development associations on the tourism potential of the wine and facilitate the development of other local and regional projects, in rural areas. The project partners will see the participation of the prestigious University of Salamanca (Spain) and CDE Petra Patrimonia agencies – Forcalquier (France), AidLearn Lisbon (Portugal), MERIG Steiermark (Austria), DAKOM – Zlatitrap (Bulgaria) and GAL Molise towards the 2000 for Italy.