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Progetto Agronet

Si è svolto Venerdì 30 May 2014 presso la Sala convegni del GAL Molise Verso il 2000, Via Monsignor Bologna 15 – Campobasso il Seminar:

“Export Management: come affrontare i mercati internazionalia cura di Domenico Del SorboTrade and Export Finance Specialist

L’obiettivo del seminario è quello di individuare le metodologie più adeguate per strutturare processi di internazionalizzazione. Il seminario sarà focalizzato sia sugli aspetti strategici che tecnici di una operazione commerciale con l’estero.

Programma DEL 30 MAGGIO 2014


Public notice – Cross-border cooperation project AGRONET

As part of the IPA Adriatic Programme of Cooperation 2007-2013 / Cross-border cooperation project AGRONET
We organize n. 2 interventions and training / refresher
The development of the agri-food sector: internationalization, business networks and quality systems
n. 1 basic and advanced course in Venice Mestre / n. 1 basic and advanced course in Noventa Padovana (PD)




The Project AGRONET (Realization of a permanent network of logistics, distribution and services infrastructure in the food industry chain of the Adriatic Area) is carried out under the Trans-Border Cooperation Programme IPA Adriatic 2007-2013, and aims to establish a permanent network of logistics infrastructure, distribution and services for agricultural food production in the Adriatic, with the aim of developing economic cooperation transnational. Launched in March 2011, AGRONET end in December 2013.


  1. strengthening cooperation in the distribution of food products, development of small and medium-sized enterprises and logistics, with provision of:
    • information and encouraging cooperation between SMEs and institutions;
    • support to business development of food production;
  2. establishment of a permanent network of distribution infrastructure and services to the production of food products of the Adriatic area (and Molise) through:
    • identification of distribution facilities and local infrastructure;
    • implementation of strategies, measures and transnational territorial development in the distribution of food products, logistics and SME reference;
    • sharing of experiences
  3. Identifying appropriate financial services for the development of network structures and the system of SMEs through:
    • appropriate financial instruments for the development of network structures identified (credit lines);
    • promotion of joint ventures between economic actors in different countries or regions Adriatic.
  4. improvement of managerial knowledge and financial companies
  5. sharing and development of innovative technologies; (a joint program of management software is designed to connect the various structures and system of SMEs and to promote trade).
  6. definition and development of a harmonized operating system that guarantees quality of processes, hygiene and food safety throughout the chain of production, drafting of guidelines for the implementation of EU legislation applicable to products and companies.
  7. definition of shared rules for the certification of companies and products
  8. creation of a web portal for products and companies certified, as a tool to simplify the connection between products and companies
  9. promotion network, dissemination of project results,dissemination of information in the field of technical assistance in the field of innovation, to increase the competitiveness of enterprises.
  10. definition of the conditions for the establishment of a European reference for transnational cooperation (EGTC) for governance in the food sector and related logistics platforms.

Towards the Molise 2000, will take care of the 'technical assistance to local business AGRONET with the task of carrying out the activities provided for local and common. Will be organized early as next week specific meetings with policy makers, associations, entrepreneurs, to illustrate the opportunities for agro-industry project AGRONET Molise.

Firms in the agribusiness and logistics, interested to take part in the activities of the project, may request to participate and learn about the project activities. Enter the network project will raise awareness of their business reality in Italy and abroad and to develop, no cost, business relationships with other members of the same network.

For more information contact:; Such. 0874/484508


  • Finest SpA (Friuli Venezia Giulia) – subject leader
  • Consortium for Industrial Development Biferno Valley (Molise)
  • Puglia Region
  • AICAI – Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Crafts of Bari
  • Veneto Agriculture
  • Informest (Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia)
  • Confcooperative - Provincial Union of Ravenna (Emilia Romagna)
  • Regional Development Agency of Split-Dalmatia County (Croatia)
  • Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy (Albania)
  • Foundation of Sustainable Development – OdRaz (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
  • Regional Development Agency of Northern Primorska Nova Gorica (Slovenia)

Molise towards the 2000 project partners Agronet

It began the partnership of Molise to the 2000 scarl with the project Agronet