NOTICE: ELECTRONIC INVOICING,,it,We communicate to all,,it,PROVIDERS,,it,that electronic invoices issued by,,it,they will be delivered to the following recipient code,,it,M5UXCR1,,en,All of ours are invited,,it,CUSTOMERS,,it,to communicate the data to be used by,,it,for electronic invoicing,,it,filling out this form,,it,download form,,it,Entrepreneurs of the Widespread Hotel System,,it,We inform you that the notice has been published,,it,referred to in L.R,,it,of rural tourism and owners of micro-accommodation facilities houses and apartments for holidays and landlords,,it,The deadline for the submission of applications runs from hours,,it,and until hours,,it,The notice can be consulted at the following link,,it,Happy Holidays,,it

Si comunica a tutti i FORNITORI che le fatture elettroniche emesse dal 01/01/2019 andranno recapitate al seguente codice destinatario M5UXCR1.

Si invitano tutti i nostri CLIENTI a comunicare i dati da utilizzare dal 01/01/2019 per la fatturazione elettronica, compilando il presente modulo: scarica modulo